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Plantation ShuttersShutters 1 (LAF)

A classic, timeless look. Plantation shutters allow superior sun protection, light control and privacy. Available in an array of customization options ranging from hardwood and stained to composite and painted. Each shutter is custom fit and built for each winder.


Natural Woven ShadesLAF Natural Wovens2 (Manh Truc)

Be inspired by the Earth’s natural elements. Products in our natural woven shade collection are constructed by all renewable and environmentally responsible materials, including: bamboo, reeds and grasses. Available in many different styles, natural woven shades bring and organic and unique atmosphere to any space.


Wood BlindsBlinds 1

Our rich collection of wood blinds will transform any blank canvas into a warm and inviting work of art. Our blinds are made only of hand-selected North American hardwoods.


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